Litho-Services trades, sells and services pre-owned lithography systems, offering high quality equipment and support at attractive prices. We are specialists in ASML PAS 5500, PAS 5000 and PAS 2500 wafer steppers and scanners, and also offer pre-owned Nikon systems. We also provide complete product lines of exposure tool and track systems.

Focus on ASML equipment

Our primary focus is equipment for 200mm (8-inch), and below, for which both ASML and Nikon have good solutions. In addition, we can address 300mm equipment requirements. Where equipment from other vendors besides ASML or Nikon is involved, we can address those requirements in cooperation with service providers that have specific knowledge and experience for other lithography equipment manufacturers like Canon, SVG, Ultratech or Suess.

In addition to pre-owned equipment, we also provide services, parts and applications support.

Pre-owned ASML lithography equipment

  • PAS 5500 (/400, /500, /700, /800, /1100 i-line, KrF and ArF series scanners)
  • PAS 5500 (/60, /80, /22, /100, /200, /300 i-line and KrF series steppers)
  • PAS 5000 (/50 and /55 series i-line steppers)
  • PAS 2500 (/10, /30 and /40 series g-line and i-line steppers)
  • Remarketing surplus lithography equipment from ASML and other manufacturers


We offer equipment financing solutions. We provide options beyond a straight sell, including equipment rental and financial leasing. Please contact us for more information and a custom proposal.

Software license positioning statement

Litho-Services is an independent third-party provider of equipment services and pre-owned lithography systems. While we strive to provide a full portfolio of services, we do not provide OEM software licenses for equipment sold.

We do not require our customers to purchase a software license. However, we recognize that OEMs actively enforce licensing policies, also for older equipment. While we will support our customers to the best of our ability, Litho-Services is no party in any licensing issues between equipment users and an OEM.


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